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Maple Clinic: a place to relax body, mind, and spirit

Are you experiencing stress and uncertainty while undergoing hospital fertility treatments?

The director of the clinic herself suffered from infertility for many years, and so is able to offer compassionate and professional counselling as well as effective acupuncture treatment based on solid knowledge and skills.

* We specialize in infertility treatment and helping to position a baby in the womb for a natural delivery. We also give treatments to pregnant women for their stable and happy gestational periods and safe and easy delivery. We also treat general women’s health issues such as menstrual pain, poor circulation and menopause. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our treatments.

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3-minute walk from Ogikubo Station

Our clinic is located approximately three minutes’ walking distance from Ogikubo Station near Shinjuku.
It is very convenient since it is located near many hospitals specializing in infertility.
You can easily visit us right before and/or after IVF-ET.

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